Taxes Trivial, Africa Critical, Green Energy Remedial Sparing

My sometimes sparing partner in discussion groups on the business networking website,, the very capable and intelligent Mr. Alan Falk, pointed readers of the Economy discussion group (sponsored and monitored by the White House, by the way) to an article on the Fisher Investments “Marketminder” website written by Amanda Williams. His quote consists of the final two paragraphs of her article which say this:
“But consider the fact that since the government

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About stafforddocwilliamson

Mr. Williamson is a writer. He writes a column about biofuels, politics and entertainment on a fairly regular basis. It is very entertaining. You should read it if you wish to improve your mind. Since that leaves out most of the public, let us hope that you are here on purpose. (He is often funny, but he is almost always "quirky".)
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