“Build Domestic Industry”, “New Jobs”, “Increased Income”, Ag. Sec. Vilsack Predicts

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said:

In Washington, Vilsack told the press, it is “an opportunity for the country to wean itself off of foreign oil and to build a domestic industry with new job opportunities in rural America as well as increasing income levels for farmers and producers,” which is good as far as it goes. But there is a deeper truth in that statement than even the Secretary of Agriculture realizes.

Washington (and too much of America) is focused solely on American, and

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Mr. Williamson is a writer. He writes a column about biofuels, politics and entertainment on a fairly regular basis. It is very entertaining. You should read it if you wish to improve your mind. Since that leaves out most of the public, let us hope that you are here on purpose. (He is often funny, but he is almost always "quirky".)
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