I’ll Huff and I’ll Huff, and I’ll Blow Your Phony Argument to Heck, TWICE

Jetset Journalists

I must admit this doesn’t have a lot to do with beach houses, bikinis or surf and sand, except that on those rare moments when they do kick off their shoes, these are some of the folks who may find themselves kicking back with Sir Richard on Necker Island, or a Mediterranean yacht, with that “new girl” heiress who just bought Cindy Spellings house in Beverly Hills. (The biggest one in Beverly Hills, in case you didn’t know.) I am talking about the assorted adrenalin j

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About stafforddocwilliamson

Mr. Williamson is a writer. He writes a column about biofuels, politics and entertainment on a fairly regular basis. It is very entertaining. You should read it if you wish to improve your mind. Since that leaves out most of the public, let us hope that you are here on purpose. (He is often funny, but he is almost always "quirky".)
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