Healthcare in Costa Rica Costs US$130/yr for Family of 4nd that, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is why, in Arizona I pay nearly US$600 per MONTH for health insurance for one person, age 60, when I could instead pay US$130 per YEAR for a family of 4 with a view of the Caribbean thrown in.

s is any wonder that people are leaving the country to retire? If I retired tomorrow (or the first day I was eligible for Social Security income), my health insurance (before Medicare was available) would cost me more than half my Social Security check, every month. If I moved to Costa Rica, my health care insurance would cost me about 1 tenth of one month’s Social Security check for the entire year! I could also build a two story all concrete construction house for about US$50,000 with 3 bed

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Mr. Williamson is a writer. He writes a column about biofuels, politics and entertainment on a fairly regular basis. It is very entertaining. You should read it if you wish to improve your mind. Since that leaves out most of the public, let us hope that you are here on purpose. (He is often funny, but he is almost always "quirky".)
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