Fiat Money and the Saudi Princes

This column is a version of a response I wrote for a forum focused on economics and the US Economy sponsored by the White House (and specifically Valerie Jarrett, the close friend and advisor of President Obama) (or “Uncle Rocky” as he is known in our house).

As I recall it, it was a person opposed to both the Quantitative Easing strategy of the Federal Reserve Bank (known as QE3, and possibly soon, QE4), as well as being attuned to the uprisings and overthrow of dictators in the Middle East

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About stafforddocwilliamson

Mr. Williamson is a writer. He writes a column about biofuels, politics and entertainment on a fairly regular basis. It is very entertaining. You should read it if you wish to improve your mind. Since that leaves out most of the public, let us hope that you are here on purpose. (He is often funny, but he is almost always "quirky".)
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